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Jay T. Harrison, Sr., Overseer

Crystal Harrison, Senior Pastor

Heart tp Heart

Heart 2 Heart Mentoring Initiative is a non-profit vision given to Elder Crystal D. Harrison fifteen  years ago by God to help the next generation of young ladies to reflect on the roots of their emotions and behavior and to show them the importance of embracing their PURPOSE, VALUE, VIRTUE and DESTINY. During this season young ladies are looking for SELF-VALUE, SELF-WORTH and LOVE in the wrong places and environments causing a physical and spiritual abortion of purpose and DESTINY to occur in their lives. A large number of our young ladies have become involved in negative and life threatening situations not because they desire to do so but because they have yet to be exposed to the nurturing and respectful type of love relationship from a mentor/life coach that causes them to become who God PURPOSED and CREATED for them to be.

​​​​​​​The Heart 2 Heart Mentoring Initiative was created as an empowerment program for young ladies ages twelve years of age to eighteen years of age or high school age. Heart 2 Heart will guide young ladies to discover their own voice during the difficult matriculation period of adolescence to young womanhood. Heart 2 Heart is an extensive life altering curriculum which will enable each participant to recognize and mobilize their true-self as a means of affecting change in her, her family, community, school and ultimately the world around her.

The goal of Heart 2 Heart is to encourage self-discovery, connecting with the community, empowering individual strengths, character and self-esteem. Through seminars, life-coaching, college fairs, field trips, community service opportunities and a twelve month enrollment in the Heart 2 Heart Mentoring Initiative, where the candidates will graduate upon completion of the program in a banquet honoring their accomplishments. This is a free program, however donations are welcome.

Vacation Bible School

Bring your kids out for the start of Vacation Bible School! We will have a ton of fun this summer playing games, doing arts and crafts, and most importantly learning about Jesus!