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Jay T. Harrison, Sr., Overseer

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Never stop praying!

Never stop praying!

By; Overseer Jay T. Harrison Sr.


Mark 10;48, BSB,

Many people admonished him to be silent, but he cried out all the louder, “Son of David, have mercy on me,”.


On  this last Monday of this 2020 calendar year, we are still standing and we will today and for the last three days of this Year continue to pray!

To our Heavenly Father that His Holy Divine Kingdom  will come as it is written in heaven, let it be done in earth! 

1 Thessalonians 5;17,  tell us to, Pray without ceasing,

If we could take another look at this demonstration of the power of prayer, the result of our persistent and passionate prayers. 

Here blind Bartimaeus  because of his disability is sitting outside the city on the roadside, begging. When he hears a sound he did not understand. He asked what does this sound means? 

I believe that this is the most frequently asked question today! What does this mean?  Most folks like the blind beggar are in the dark and cannot see, or even recognize what is going on around them.  Because of what they have been through, what they have done, or for some, what they are doing! It has them in a position of darkness, What does this mean?

And those who were before him, ( moving along with the crowd!)

Told him, that it is Jesus of Nazareth passing by.

He began to cry out, Jesus thy Son of David, have mercy on me!

 Those in the crowd,

 Began urging him, to be silent! Stop it! Give up, your wasting your time! He’s too far gone, please be quiet!  The crowd, the world does not understand the purpose of prayer. They think your worried or complaining. About your short coming, setbacks and situation. And they have no problem with you staying right there! But you know, that prayer not only changes things, but prayer can change you!

What they did not know, is that blind Bartimaeus had to have been taught at some point in his life about Jesus. That he began to cry out to him, as one with kingly authority! Jesus thou Son of David, have mercy on me!

This beggars cry sounded like worrying. It sounded like pandering to the by standards.Because they only saw him as a beggar!

But Bartimaeus knew that the one who was passing by could fix it! 

So instead of allowing the pandemic to silence you, the civil unrest to frighten you, the threat of a shut down to cause you to quit praying!   (Lift your voice!)

I urge you to keep on praying, don’t stop praying! He cried louder the more! Intensify and increase your prayers.

He had heard previously about Jesus!

He believed what he had heard,

There are three (3p’s) I want to focus on in this teaching that will help us, to never stop praying.  Understanding the purpose, the posture, and the power of prayer!

What is prayer?  I know, that we often state that it is communicating with God. And that is true, yet I want us to understand that it is deeper than communicating, prayer is a lifestyle of communing with God!

Intimacy with God, and in right alignment with the Will of the Father concerning us!

Why the reminder of what prayer is? Because many are talking but do not know or even believe in God. Prayer is a lifestyle, of communing with God! Prayer is having ones heart open to God!

Pray, to operate with kingdom authority, to commune with the Father

Praying! Is the spiritual act of seeing and saying what Father is saying about us! 

1.       The purpose of prayer, is to bring us into right alignment with the will of God concerning you!

2.       The posture of prayer, will cause us to access the kingdom of heaven and see what the Father is saying about us, that we should speak!

3.  The power of prayer, .  It will cause the kingdom of heaven’s culture to influence us in the earth!

He ignored the crowd, those who told him to stop praying, that it doesn’t take all of that, that you are wasting your time! 

But he understood and believed what the prophet Isaiah said in Chapter 55 and verse 6 “seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near.” 

Listen not everybody is going to understand your posture of prayer.

Some folks can only see you as your short falls, set backs, and situations. 

They can’t see you as Son!  1 John 3;1,   Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that should be called the sons of God, therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not

But he ignored the naysayers and prayed louder the more! 

The Bible reveals to us about the result of his understanding of the purpose of prayer, granting him access to the king, and the culture of the kingdom of heaven influencing his life.


And Jesus stood still, and commanded him to be called. And they called the blind man and said to him, Be of good comfort, rise, he Calleth thee.

His persistent prayer arrested the attention of Jesus, he stood still, 

Now Jesus, is ordering, / commanding all of those who told you, it was a waist of time, to call you, that Jesus is calling you!

Persistent prayer will reveal the calling of God, that is on your life, to others.

Mark 10; 50,  And he casting away his garment , rose, and came to Jesus.  The posture of prayer can cause you to repent, to change your mind, to change your position “he rose,”   And to change your surroundings, “ And he came to Jesus.  Prayer will bring you to the presence of God,

And because he never stop praying, the principal  of the power of prayer,  Mark 11:24, Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire when you pray believe that ye receive them  and ye shall have them. 

He asked him what do you want me to do for you? Mark 10;51,   Grant you the desires of your heart,  I like to say that God has for you!

The power of prayer will expose your faith!  Mark 10: 52, your faith has healed you, immediately he received his sight! Will cause the suddenly of heaven to influence your life!

And he followed Jesus in the way, if we never stop praying it will change the course of your life!  “He followed him in the way!”

Prayer will cause you to know the way!

 The power of prayer will bring you into divine protection, it will reveal God’s plans for you, it will place you in His presence, it will remind you of His promises, it will cause you to rest in divine peace. 

Let us pray, O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all thee earth. I come before your gates with thanksgiving and I enter your courts with praise! Father thank you for reconciling us, through the death, burial and resurrection of your Son Jesus Christ, and preserving us with your Holy Spirit, the comforter and helper. Empowering us to be witnesses of you in the Earth! Lord let your kingdom come, and let your will be done in us as it is written in heaven! We declare victory over every situation we’ve faced this year, we lean forward in prayer with outstretched necks to see what you say that we w should decree for this upcoming year 2021! in We will say it until we see it! In Jesus name. We lift up a praise to our God, who is strong and mighty, mighty in battle! Thou art the kingdom, and the power and the glory, forever and ever ! In Jesus name, as we continue in prayer........